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Air Conditioning Repair & Installation for Lafayette, Indiana

You can cool your home with many effective cooling methods. 

This can be done by using a geothermal unit, standard condensing unit outdoors, heat pump, or ductless HVAC system.  We can help you choose which one is best for you. Our units can fit your needs with their affordability, energy efficiency and environmental safety. All units have various differences and capabilities that can make them ideal for your home. Our air conditioning systems can help keep your home cool and comfortable. If you need a new cooling system, Comfort Mechanical provides air conditioning installation and AC repair services for the Lafayette, Indiana community.

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When you are searching for air conditioning equipment for your home, we can provide maintenance, repair, and installation services to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. 

We are proud reprensentatives of Rheem within Crawfordsville, and Lafayette, IN.

Stay Cool Inexpensively with High Efficiency Air Conditioners in Lafayette, IN 

There are a couple of ways you can cool your house by air conditioning. This can be done by using a standard condensing unit outdoors or it can be done by using a heat pump. Which one is best for you? With so many options in cooling capacity and capabilities these days it is really hard to know which unit to buy and what will be the best for your home. If you're unsure about what type of air conditioning installation you need, call Comfort Mechanical and ask about our efficient air conditioning systems.

A standard air conditioning unit only works in the spring, summer, and possibly fall. These units vary in capacity to fit your house individually. They also vary in SEER  rating (seasonal energy efficiency rating) which is the amount of electricity they require to cool your home. The higher the SEER rating of the unit the less energy it consumes. These units are normally cheaper than a comparable heat pump.

The next kind of air conditioning to consider is a heat pump. This unit operates year round as both a heating and cooling unit. This unit is more expensive to purchase but it does have its advantages. A heat pump can save the homeowner money since it is cheaper to operate than a furnace at moderate temperatures which leads to MUCH lower utilities bills.

Geothermal Heat Pumps Cool as well as Air Conditioners?

Air Conditioning Installation Air Conditioners in Lafayette, IN

Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) heat and cool the home, all while allowing homeowners across the country to have exceptional comfort and decreased energy use and expenses.


Primarily using a renewable resource, the natural thermal energy from the Earth, geothermal heat pump technology can heat and cool your home or business with ease. Beyond this thermal energy, GHP systems only use a small supply of electricity in order to focus, concentrate and circulate the other energy drawn from the earth to create quality cooling and heating.


Because they provide warm, comfortable air no matter what the weather outside is like, GHP systems receive excellent reviews from homeowners. Not to mention GHP systems offer the added benefit of heating your water, to either supplement or replace your traditional water heater entirely.

Geothermal heating and cooling is energy efficient, which is what makes it so cost effective. It is also environmentally safe. This is why it is recognized by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. Every year, homeowners with GHP systems can easily enjoy quality cooling and heating with little hassle. Because these systems operate differently than other systems, they simply require less attention and maintenance to keep them running properly.


There is no creation of heat in geothermal heating systems, and therefore no chemical combustion required. In the winter, heat is instead collected in a loop, or a set of pipes. These pipes are installed below the surface of the ground or within a pond or lake. Heat is then carried into the home via fluid circulated through a loop. Once indoors, a vapor compression cycle begins in order to focus the thermal energy from the Earth and push it into the home at an increased temperature. Duct fans are often responsible for distributing the heat to individual rooms and areas.


This process is then reversed to cool the home or building in the summertime. Surplus heat is pulled out of the home and into the loop. From there it is pushed backwards through the system to be absorbed by the Earth. This is the same process used by a refrigerator to extract heat from inside and move it to an outside the contained area.

Normally using both an air conditioner and a furnace, a GHP system heats and cools the home with relative ease. The system itself can be placed inside the home because there is no reason to swap heat with outdoor air like in other systems. Quiet and compact, these systems often go unnoticed by homeowners. Small enough in size to be placed in a closet shelf, they are often located in basements or attics. This also helps the system to stay protected from mechanical damage or breakdowns that occur when it is exposed to harsh weather.

While traditional heat pumps utilize outdoor air as a heat sink or heat source, geothermal heat pumps do not. This is why they do not have to work as hard. They use less energy by pulling heat from a source with a moderate temperature.


The ground or groundwater temperature below the surface of the Earth is fairly stable in most regions all throughout the year, despite changing seasons. For example, at six feet deep the soil remains constant between 45 F and 70 F in most regions around the world.

During winter, trapping heat from the moderate, 50-degree soil is easier than pulling it from the air, especially when the air is very cold. This is why GHP systems have no problem capturing heat and providing warm, comfortable air inside a home when the outdoor temperature is extremely cold. In summer, the opposite occurs. The ground is fairly cool, and absorbs the excess heat of a home more easily than the warm air outdoors would in another system.

According to studies done on GHP systems, about 70 percent of the energy used is renewable and coming from the ground. The remaining energy utilized is clean, electrical energy used to compress heat and move it from place to place. During the winter, the ground absorbs energy from the sun and creates a barrier between the cold air above the surface and the mildly warm soil below it. In the summertime, the air outdoors heats up faster than the ground below the surface.

Here at Comfort Mechanical, we offer two brands of geothermal units. We provide Comfort Aire, as well as Bosch, formerly Florida Heat Pump. If you want to save more on your energy bills, consider purchasing a geothermal unit for air conditioner service in a commercial building or business as well. 
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Service your Heating and Air Conditioning with Comfort Mechanical

Eventually, all of the best air conditioners will require service work. That is why our staff suggests and offers the option for a service agreement with an HVAC contractor you can trust.

You can protect yourself from sudden breakdowns and repairs with a service agreement that assures that your home cooling system is evaluated regularly by a trained professional with experience. 

How do Service Agreements work?

Should I have a Service Agreement? Yes.
With a Service Agreement between Comfort Mechanical and a customer, the customer is assured the right to: 

1) one furnace cleaning annually
2) one air conditioning cleaning annually
3) 15%  replacement part discount
4) 15% new equipment discount

A Service Agreement  decreases the yearly  cost of cooling system maintenance, saving the customer money.