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Helpful HVAC Links

Indoor Air Quality

This Wikipedia article lists common pollutants that can be found indoors. Read more

Indoor Air Quality Association

Excellent resources providing indoor air quality publications, consumer information articles, committee events and much more. Read more

American Lung Association

In-depth assessments of the different types of air pollutants found indoors. Read more

Geothermal Heating Overview

This Wikipedia article offers insight into the different applications of geothermal heating and a brief history of how this technology has evolved. Read more 

Geothermal Heat Pumps

This U.S. government website describes the types of vertical and horizontal loops with the aid of diagrams. Read more

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Helpful website for homeowners who have questions about the geothermal system in general. Read more

Summer is Heating Up! Invest in Lafayette, IN Air Conditioning Installation

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If you are familiar with the sticky, sunny summer weather of the Midwest, you know exactly what to expect once late spring starts to roll around. The weather goes from “All I need is a light jacket!” to “Wow, I really CAN fry an egg on my sidewalk!” Here in Indiana, it gets hot FAST. This is precisely why it is imperative to invest in quality Lafayette, IN air conditioning installation. 

How Do You Like Your Air? Air Conditioning Systems – Lafayette, IN

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The world is full of diversity; people of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, and more. With all of this diversity comes a diversity within temperature preferences. Two people can easily be sitting in a room that is the same temperature and feel different things! Some people may credit this to being “warm blooded” or “cold blooded” (or instance, women often report feeling cold more often than in the same environment). Others theorize that this is because women have a lower skin temperature due to a higher level of fat cells and a greater presence of estrogen in the body.

What Fairy Tale Character are You According to Your Heating and Cooling Contractor in Lafayette, IN?

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Have you ever wondered how your heating and cooling contractor views you? According to our very reliable fictional sources, your heating and cooling contractor is bound to put you into one of these five categories:

5 Signs Your Neighbor Needs Heating Services - Lafayette, IN

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You and Sally have been neighbors for years. You love going over to her house and chatting about the latest reality TV show, reading magazines, and sharing secret cookie recipes. Lately Sally has been acting strange, complaining of a chill she can’t get rid of. You’ve never seen her like this, and you’re determined to get to the bottom of it. Thankfully, we have a few tips on how you can figure out if your neighbor needs heating services in Lafayette, IN.

Shiver Me Timbers: Escaping the Winter Cold with Heating Services Lafayette, IN

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“Argh, I’m a pirate!” Your four-year-old son shakes his fist in the air and jumps into the cardboard “pirate ship” in the living room, which he carefully decorated with colored markers and duct tape. You chuckle to yourself as he sways back and forth singing an extemporaneous tune which he claims to be an ancient sailing medley.  Suddenly, he stops singing. “Mommy!” He yells, “Why is it so cold in here? I can’t be a pirate with four coats on!” Uh oh. You head downstairs to check out the furnace. Sure enough, it doesn’t seem to be working. You put on a third sweatshirt and try to figure out what to do next. Who should you call for heating services in Lafayette, IN?